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Owner’s Portal

Easy for Property Managers, Easy for Owners

Our new owner portal makes it easy for owners to feel involved while making it easy for you to manage them. With Owner Portal, owners can log in to a unique dashboard to see a summary of how their specific property is performing. It’s mobile-friendly, too!

Simplified Owner Management

Owner Portal helps you effectively manage owners and saves you from having to drop what you’re doing to answer a stressful phone call. The dashboard summarizes real-time performance of their unit, including:

  • Total bookings, booked nights, and rental income by month
  • The number of nights by reservation type
  • A chart detailing where reservations originate
  • A 12-month occupancy calendar

With Owner Portal, a centralized communication engine keeps track of all correspondence between you and your owner, including emails and owner statements. This makes it easy for any member of your team to jump in, understand the context of a question, and provide a quick resolution.

Owners Can Also Easily:

  • Check availability
  • Book an owner stay or guest-of-owner stay
  • View current and past owner statements and service orders
  • Download additional documents, like contracts or pictures